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My new cinema commercial for Leica UK recently launched at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London before its run in UK cinemas. More info

Shots just named it one of their top 10 most-viewed pieces of 2019

Thanks to Leica UK for being such a supportive and open-minded client, and to the whole team behind the film, including: composer Anné Kulonen, editor Ben Corfield at Stitch, colourists Simone Grattorola and Myles Bevan at Time Based Arts, VFX maestro Duncan Malcolm at Glassworks and sound supremo Ben Leeves at Jungle Studios. Production was rather global – thanks to Barbara Kranz and Frank Hasselbach at Bubbles Film Berlin, Tony Harding at Them in NYC, Caroline Crowther at Kojak in South Africa, Alex Molea at Icon Films Bucharest and so many more. Oh, and George Gordon – aka Lord Byron – for writing the words.

As well as screening the film, the V&A Museum exhibited fifty of my photographs taken as part of the same project. Prints of some of these have also been shown at the Leica store in London and can be purchased through them as limited-edition digital c-types. See the updated photo gallery for some of the images.

The film and the stills were all shot on the Leica SL with M lenses.

A trip to the Jo’Burg winter to tell a powerful real-life story for MiWay insurance. Thank you Caroline Crowther of Kojack Films for the opportunity, Matt and Chris of DDB Jo’Burg for the creativity and Devin Toselli for cinematography. Nic Goodwin did a beautiful job of the edit. Music by Anné Kulonen.




What a pleasure to go to Cape Town for a prehistoric adventure for Zweifel Chips – Switzerland’s (and the world’s) best potato chips, and a loyal client.

Thanks, as ever, to Nadia Rosasco of RosasNCo for production, Carmen Amos and Martin Jacobson of Juice for service production, Ben Corfield for editing, Anné Kulonen for music and the indefatigable Devin Toselli for cinematography, which in this case involved running over steep rocks with the camera to the point where most mortals would have collapsed.

A wintry New York shoot for Insperity from Gyro Chicago. Thank you Corrine Serritella for thinking of me, Andy Mammot and Ted Wahlberg for the lovely script and effortless collaboration, and Tony Harding of Them Productions for making it happen. A pleasure of a production from beginning end. And it’s just won an award at the (xxx add). Martin Ahlberg was the DP and Steve Morrison the editor, both complete gents. Costume by Elodie Ozanne. Music by Chopin and Anné Kulonen.

A great shoot in LA for Scout Chicago to raise awareness of Narcolepsy.

Rick Conrad and Chris Siek created, Cheryl Lindquist agency-produced, Tony Harding of Them Productions EP’d – thank you one and all. And thank you Sharone Meir for DP’ing, Bob Ackerman for the edit and Anné Kulonen for the music.

New work:

Delighted to announce my first piece of work with Them Media, the boutique NYC production company run by Tony Harding.  Shot in LA and posted in NYC. Two more US projects coming soon.

US National Highway Traffic Safety Agency ‘No Excuse’ for The Tombras Agency, Knoxville TN.
Creative team: Brian Potter and Nick Vagott, Agency producer: Laura Lepre, Produced by Them Media, NYC., DoP: Sharone Meir, Edit: Spot Welders, NYC, Post: Freefolk NYC, Music: Anné Kulonen, Producer: Kathleen Handwerk, EP: Tony Harding

‘Night Dancing’ wins 9 international awards in 2018